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DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry





More than 50 years of dynamic presence in Greece and worldwide 

DEMO S.A. pharmaceutical industry is an industrial and commercial organization of international reach established in 1965 and active in the production and sales of pharmaceutical products. The company’s plant located in Krioneri of Attica is the largest in Southeast Europe, with modern facilities of 45,000 m2, where a sophisticated Quality Control laboratory of 1,500 m2 is included as well. With an annual growth rate of over 11% during the last 10 years and 800 employees in 2016, DEMO is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Europe.

Company’s   mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute worldwide safe and effective pharmaceutical products at competitive prices. Demo’s goal is to be consistently one of the best companies in the pharmaceutical market, maintaining the leading position in the Greek industry, its’ dynamic growth and the preference of customers and partners in company’s  products.

In particular, the company operates in the health sector based on the following pillars:

  • Production, approval and distribution of pharmaceutical products in the Greek and global market.
  • Production of Injectable products of all forms (Liquid inj., Lyophilised products, Emulsions, Penems, Penicillins, Cephalosporins)
  • Distribution of foreign pharmaceutical companies’ innovative products.
  • Distribution of medicines for rare diseases.

DEMO with a portfolio of 140 different products leads the pharmaceutical industry, as it has a strong presence in the hospital market, ranking first among the pharmaceutical companies in terms of sold units. The three manufacturing facilities in combination with the high tech warehousing facilities in both Athens and Thessaloniki allow the company to offer its own logistic services to all hospitals countrywide.

In addition to that, DEMO consistently invests in its international collaborations. International Sales’ Revenues increased dramatically over the last decades while since 2004 DEMO S.A. is ranking as the top exporter of injectable pharmaceuticals (owned branded).

Today, it has a global sales network with its own products in 52 countries, including countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, Middle East with a significant market share in many of them.  Since the end of 2013, it has presence in Germany through the subsidiary DEMO Pharmaceuticals GmbH with headquarters in Munich. Additionally, DEMO already operates a branch office in China, while the operation of 7 more branch offices in other foreign countries is included among its immediate goals.

The company has more than 1,300 approved products and 229 presentations under rregistration in 59 countries.  The global operation of DEMO has led the company to export 82% of its produced units while it is worth noting that is internationally recognized being one of the official suppliers of pharmaceutical products of the United Nations, UNICEF, MSF and World Health Organization.

The Quality Assurance Department monitors constantly all production and controls activities of the  company, ensuring strict compliance as to the applicable standards GMPs, GDPs, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, DY8/1348/04. The Department is staffed with experienced scientists of most specialties and is structured into two independent groups, one for each wing of the production. At the same time the QA Department has achieved to combine the different requirements of universally valid laws of pharmaceutical regulations and to integrate them smoothly into its quality system. This has led to the approval of DEMO S.A. by strict Legislative Authorities from all around the world. Furthermore, a number of new research projects are under progress.

Under the supervision of highly qualified researchers – most of who own PhD degrees from the most acclaimed universities in Europe –  R&D lab represents the company’s launching pad for the following decades.








DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry


DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry
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